New installation in Studio 4 Berlin

Nov 14, 2021

For Exhibition 10 at STUDIO 4 BERLIN, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. return with their new collection Puu (transl. “Tree”), which is inspired by a special tree that is over 400 years old and known for its spiritual forces. For centuries, this tree has attracted people, particularly women, drawn by the supernatural. In the past, they were often labeled as witches and ended up being burned alive. In its core, the new collection is an ode to these women with a connection to the deepest secrets and forces of nature.

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co's designs are presented alongside rare Asian antiquities, such as a Chinese opium bed and a cloisonné alabaster lamp from the late Qing/early Republican era (19th century). Chairs from the Biedermeyer period have been specifically upholstered with fabrics designed by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co., uniting contemporary art with classical design of the late 19th century.

On occasion of the exhibition, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. commissioned a video-work by Finnish photographer and film-maker Perttu Saksa as well as a kaleidoscopic animation by 3D-artist and motion-designer Vilja Achté with music by Timo Kaukolampi and Tuomo Puranen; both films are on view during the evening hours at STUDIO 4 BERLIN.

Opening Hours:

12 November — 23 December 2021

Wed. to Fri. 12—6pm 

Sat. 11am—4pm

and by appointment