Lightnings in Tiger Woods mural for Hotel St. George, Helsinki

Aug 02, 2018

Klaus Haapaniemi has created a large scale custom mural exclusively for the St George Hotel in Helsinki.

Positioned in the main lounge of the hotel, ‘Lightnings in Tiger Woods’ benefits from a large roof window that lets in light during the day, while in the evening the space is softly lit. The changing mood through the day showcases the many elements of the intricate design printed on silk in Klaus’ distinctive house style. Using the atmosphere of the hotel itself as the basis for his creative inspiration, Haapaniemi’s piece takes visitors for an escapist journey into the woods, the changing light of the room revealing the details of the scene throughout the day. The rhythmic composition of tiger striped trunks and lush green tree tops withering in the wind suggest a sudden storm in an August afternoon.


 As much as the use of silk as a wall covering has its challenges, it gives an incomparable softness to the texture and an unmistakable shimmering pearlescent surface. The colour palette of deep earthy burgundies, greens, blues and greys tie into the rest of the interior, bringing the room together with a warm harmony, intended of surrounding visitors in magical woods during the autumn.

The mural is a permanent fixture of the St George Hotel. The Hotel guests can also enjoy subtle patterns of Klaus Haapaniemi fabrics in the rooms.


Polar Byzantine

Sep 16, 2016

Rich in both character and narrative, the Polar Byzantine collection by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. presents the art of storytelling through a series of beautifully crafted scarves.

The poetic story written by award winning Finnish author, Rosa Liksom tells lyrical animal story that evokes our inner feelings and connects our subconscious to universal nature. A true arctic odyssey. 

The hand bound collectors book contains the full story of Polar Byzantine and five designs printed on 100% silk, each one representing a chapter in the book. The scarves paint a vivid window into a dreamlike polar landscapes.

Narrated and animated by Vilja Achte, music by Lauri Porra.