Beyond the wilderness

Jul 20, 2022

Exhibition at Felleshus, Nordic Embassies in Berlin until 25th. of September.


According to Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. the wilderness doesn't only belong in natural landscape but exists in our unconsciousness, design, cooking, behaviour and metaverse. In other words, Beyond the wilderness is a metaphor for freedom, spontaneity and dreaming. Counterbalancing the domesticated ideas in design industries such as new neutrality, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co's desire is to rewild and bring wonder to our environment with their positive, future orientated vision.

The exhibition combines new and older work ranging from traditional craft in woodwork, textile and ceramics to digital immateriality. Installation centres around long dining tent, created to host artist dinners with chef's experimental menu and Iittala setting. The exhibition will also showcase new collaborations with German ceramic tile manufacturer Golem, Swedish crystal company Målerås, Klaus riesling by Friedrich Becker and AR by VR4 Content.