Tales from Wilderness small Owl

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Målerås Glasbruk has long been famous for its crystal wildlife- and mythical sculptures, and now Klaus Haapaniemi will introduce his mystical world of images in the finest of crystal. Animals and creatures from folklore, imaginatively decorated in clear colours, now join the rich and plentiful fauna at Målerås. Decorative items with a strong appeal and charisma, which in themselves convey a whole world of their own, are characteristic traits typical of Målerås Glasbruk.

Ever since the first furnace was lit at the Glassworks in 1890, every step of the production is made by hand at Målerås. On a sturdy table in the middle of the foundry, a set of warm iron cast forms are lined up. The hot mass of glowing glass that has been taken out of the furnace, gradually pours off the glassblower’s pipe and evenly spread out in the molds. Slowly appears the shape of an animal in each cast. The warm crystal is then carried over to the cooling furnace where it will cool off during the night, awaiting to be individually hand-processed by a craftsman at several stations along the production line.

Målerås Glasbruk AB For generations, glassworkers in Småland carefully shaped the glowing crystal. Together with innovative designers and skilled craftsmen Målerås Glasbruk has been able to preserve the tradition of glass from Småland which even today is the heart of Målerås Glasbruk.