The seed of inspiration for the new Klaus Haapaniemi collection was planted around 400 years ago in a forest near x. In 1687, a very special tree started growing in this forest inhabited by bears and other animals as well as a native community of people who lived in harmony with the woods, respecting and honouring nature and the resources it provided.

While years and decades past, the woodland witnessed many cold winters and hot summers. The Tree grew older and almost like a magnet, it attracted and intrigued wise and sensitive people. The tree was believed to have supernatural powers.

For centuries this strangely magnetic and mysterious forest where Timi is growing has attracted people, particularly women, drawn by the supernatural. In the past, these women were believed to be witches who often ended up being burned, together with the wood from the very trees they were drawn to and connected to due to the powers they believed and felt the trees to have.

Today, we acknowledge that these people felt and experienced things others couldn’t. We see them as spiritual healers. People who support others in their journey to connect to something bigger and more meaningful, intuition and deeper connection. 

Klaus Haapaniemi’s collection draws its inspiration from these dark magical forests. In its core, this collection is an ode to the women who for centuries have been sensitive, wise and brave enough to see and experience beyond the established views and norms. The women with a connection to the deepest secrets and forces of nature.

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